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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Your Appearance

You reveal yourself by what you wear. A guy who chooses clothes that have the impact he wants has awareness.  The style a guy takes on can be a factor in how people interact with him. Hot women can perceive what causes a guy to dress the way he does, and if he is not dressed like a winner, in the variation of his choosing, its a turn off because they know he hasn't reached higher levels of success where appearance is a prerequisite to interact with higher status people. Clothes are part of the image the guy has built. The image is one the factors of initial social judgement. When many things are based on status, a guy has to make it through the initial judgement to show he can be at the level of guys and girls with advanced social skills. When being around high level social people, there is value in having access and a guy's image is a part of that. 

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