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Saturday, August 8, 2015

How To Get Your Ex Back

When you first approached your ex, within seconds, she knew what your model at attraction looked like. Hot women adapt to the approach of the guy which puts him on a specific track. Each track, that is attractive to hot women, has its own possibilities. These build upon one another as the relationship progresses until they form the foundation of the attraction you share with her. At this point, she will make a choice on whether she will continue or leave where she looks at what she wants. The beginnings of the breakup occurred when you began to try to force possibilities that are not part of the track you were on. If you want to get wild with her, it won't occur with a generic attraction approach because she reserves her wild side for guys who know how to bring it out of her from the start. The key to getting your ex is to first figure out what you what when you get back with her. She won't continue anything similar to the old relationship so what you want has to vary. Then, do all your interacting in that context. If she is still open to it, she will begin to have a new attraction which will start a new type of relationship. 

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