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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How To Be The Prize

Hot women have multiple selves they display in various situations to various guys. Many of these are in degrees in relation to the confidence and social status of the guy, among other things. One of these selves is the authentic self, but there are numerous variations of this one self. For the guy who is adept at sexual communication, her authenticity would be communicated by the way she moves and the way she says things. For the guy who has dominance over his world by his personality, her authenticity would be communicated by her emphasis on integrity and other endearing qualities. Depending on which self she is presenting will determine a set of rules that put any pickup attempt into a certain context. These rules define the actions a guy can take that will result in a positive outcome. Being the prize is one aspect of the communication of males who know how convey their value in a way that's attractive and confident. It is a pickup context where the value balance is one the side of the guy. Being the prize is just the tip of the iceberg. For a guy success changes a guy's confidence which changes his identity. The interaction between the identity of the guy and the self of the woman defines the context of the value exchange that occurs during the pickup. Being the prize sets the tone of the stages of the pickup such that the woman becomes the value giver. 

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