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Friday, August 7, 2015

Being Mysterious

There is a dichotomy between a hot woman's social and sexual life. The two are connected, but don't always necessarily overlap. She could be sleeping with a guy no one in her social life knows about. When a guy approaches and communicates socially, she becomes receptive socially. This doesn't necessarily lead to sexual attraction. Hot women communicate on multiple levels and have a social image that does not reveal her sexual desires until the time is right. This means, many of her attraction signals during a social interaction are under her control. She is involved in one aspect of a social dance that can happen between her and the guy, but to her this is just flirtation, so she knows she has the ability to halt its progress at any time. Real sexual attraction occurs when the depth of the interaction matches the momentum of it. There are many ways to create this depth, but from a social perspective, what is required is to know that being mysterious and limiting self disclosure will lead to tests.  This is the gateway to her sexual life. If you get through these tests by showing her you have depth under the social communication, her perception of you will begin to change.

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