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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Signs She Is Interested

When a hot girl shows signs of interest, it is one of three tiers of pre-flirtation. Tier one is where she does not show many signs and you start the attraction. This has the most rewards. Tier two is where she shows some signs but is still waiting for you to start the attraction. This has medium level of rewards. Tier three is where she shows many signs. This has the least rewards. The highest attraction potential is when the guy goes through the entire pickup without needing too many of her signs because this would be consistent with an identity that has high levels of preselection.  If you are in tier one or tier two, reestablishing the lead in guiding the attraction, without thinking of the end goal, is key to getting back on the track with the most attraction rewards. 

Telegraphing Your Interest

Hot girls have social awareness that includes the various pickup methods that can be used on them. This means that the approach that will work best on her is the one that she does not have awareness of. When you use a pickup approach she has seen before, it won't work to the degree you want unless you add some new aspects to it. The approach is one factor she uses to separate guys. If you use the same approach as another guy, then she will categorize you as a guy on that level and the rewards will match that. To get the success you want, authenticity and novelty should be added to an an approach that she can't read. 

Why Hot Girls Bring Up Their Ex

Hot girls broke up with their ex for a reason. When she brings him up with you, it is not so much about him specifically, as it is a warning to you that she getting closer to looking elsewhere to get her needs fulfilled. Ex is synonymous with other guys. Depending on how she describes her ex will give you an idea of what she needs that she is not getting. Hot girls can get an idea of the point where you begin to fall for her and they know how to put the brakes on it. Bringing up the ex puts her in a position that gives her the option to move in the direction of new guys while at the same time giving you another chance. Most of the time, hot girls want new guys in their life to be better than her previous guys. When she discusses her ex, it is a warning to you that she has new needs. 

Escalating The Interaction

After you open the girl you want, there is a brief phase where she could take a stance that could throw you off. She may raise an objection. She may test you. The reason this happens is she has been through many approaches and has an initial ruthlessness to weed you out if you don't hook her interest in the right way. She wants high status approaches that will be beneficial to her. There are different ways you could go at this point, and in some instances she may guide you with signs. Its best to go the route where you define how and where the interaction will go. High status communication combined with discrete sexual communication will allow the interaction to move forward. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Why Hot Girls Flake

There is a certain communication that guys who are adept at sleeping with women possess. They know that when you are sexually involved with a hot girl, there is a charged atmosphere that surrounds everything you do with her. Sexual spontaneity is part of that and it does not build up through words. The way a hot girl communicates in her sexual life can have a magnitude that varies from her dating life. When she is on the phone, dating, and hanging out, she has mild attraction for the guy. Sex happens when she is compelled with no turning back. Guys who have charged interactions with her from the beginning by communicating through their attractive presence and sexual threat communication will bring out an instinct in her that she can be free to be wild.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

How To Get Your Ex Back

When you first approached your ex, within seconds, she knew what your model at attraction looked like. Hot women adapt to the approach of the guy which puts him on a specific track. Each track, that is attractive to hot women, has its own possibilities. These build upon one another as the relationship progresses until they form the foundation of the attraction you share with her. At this point, she will make a choice on whether she will continue or leave where she looks at what she wants. The beginnings of the breakup occurred when you began to try to force possibilities that are not part of the track you were on. If you want to get wild with her, it won't occur with a generic attraction approach because she reserves her wild side for guys who know how to bring it out of her from the start. The key to getting your ex is to first figure out what you what when you get back with her. She won't continue anything similar to the old relationship so what you want has to vary. Then, do all your interacting in that context. If she is still open to it, she will begin to have a new attraction which will start a new type of relationship. 

Your Appearance

You reveal yourself by what you wear. A guy who chooses clothes that have the impact he wants has awareness.  The style a guy takes on can be a factor in how people interact with him. Hot women can perceive what causes a guy to dress the way he does, and if he is not dressed like a winner, in the variation of his choosing, its a turn off because they know he hasn't reached higher levels of success where appearance is a prerequisite to interact with higher status people. Clothes are part of the image the guy has built. The image is one the factors of initial social judgement. When many things are based on status, a guy has to make it through the initial judgement to show he can be at the level of guys and girls with advanced social skills. When being around high level social people, there is value in having access and a guy's image is a part of that. 


There are various tiers of dating just like there are various tiers to attraction. A date is not so much a formal event with an end result as it is an period of time where everything happens in the now. Things unfold as it does naturally without obligation from either person. It is a moment in time where there are no goals. This means the key to making it magical and memorable is to allow your instincts to make choices for you. In the beginning of the date, the memory bubble will form until your confidence in your adeptness at it will naturally begin to guide you 
to elevate the date to higher and higher levels. Once it reaches the highest level it can for that night, you should not expect a culmination like a kiss. Keep letting it unfold. What will happen is it will get deeper. As you let the moment from the first date unfold like this on future dates then they will move up to higher tiers.

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

Hot girls put a high value on the vibes they get from a guy. For them, it is more accurate than his words because their frame of reference of perceiving many other guys tells them how the guy is faring in his life. When a guy is moving upward, he won't have to exert more effort than he is comfortable with. Girls gravitate towards guys like this because they know he has the potential of moving forward the kind of pickup she wants with ease. When a girl shows signs she likes a guy it is a indication to you the level of aggressiveness she would be comfortable with. Many guys aren't aggressive with hot girls because they don't calibrate it to the specific girl. There is a right way to be aggressive with a girl that depends more on execution and timing than just raw dominance. Signs tell you what she wants and how she wants it if you are tuned into them.  

Friday, August 7, 2015

Being Mysterious

There is a dichotomy between a hot woman's social and sexual life. The two are connected, but don't always necessarily overlap. She could be sleeping with a guy no one in her social life knows about. When a guy approaches and communicates socially, she becomes receptive socially. This doesn't necessarily lead to sexual attraction. Hot women communicate on multiple levels and have a social image that does not reveal her sexual desires until the time is right. This means, many of her attraction signals during a social interaction are under her control. She is involved in one aspect of a social dance that can happen between her and the guy, but to her this is just flirtation, so she knows she has the ability to halt its progress at any time. Real sexual attraction occurs when the depth of the interaction matches the momentum of it. There are many ways to create this depth, but from a social perspective, what is required is to know that being mysterious and limiting self disclosure will lead to tests.  This is the gateway to her sexual life. If you get through these tests by showing her you have depth under the social communication, her perception of you will begin to change.

How To Get The Girl Of Your Dreams

A gorgeous girl has a life where she is able to see things many guys are not able to. When you see her, depending on the confidence you have in who you present yourself to be, you will either interact with her in the way you want, or come across as needing her validation to compensate for the reasons she might reject you. Not seeking validation is the key to pick her up because there is a level above validation where you simply are and don't think about it. This is the level she is at. You need validation because you aren't secure you have more social status than the other guys in her life. Going from insecure to having grounded confidence in your current position will start the process of building attraction with her. 

25 Traits Of An Alpha Male

Alpha males have multiple purposes. With being an alpha male comes the influence to change things. The degree to which he can architect his life to get what he wants depends on these thirty things:

1.  Leader of his world

     He creates a life where his environment reacts to him. This means being the social hub and having multiple levels of social connections look to him to provide the most desired value.

2.  Having developed skills to address wants in his life

     There is a hierarchy of talent for any specific area where an alpha male can have success. He identifies where he wants to be the best and sets out to do that.

3.  Has confidence in proportion to where he wants to go

     Its not enough to have some confidence. Playing in the highest leagues demand confidence that achieves goals with momentum.

4.   Is a winner

     He knows there is a difference between being the best and second best and has the confidence to excel in competitions.

5.   Knows how to leverage group dynamics

     There are many aspects to being the head of the group. The alpha male knows how to manage the possibilities of leading multiple people with ease.

6.   Adept at decision making

      He has the confidence to know the outcome of decisions before he makes them because they are an afterthought of a well executed life plan.

7.   Knows how to stay on top despite competitors

      When challenged he knows they are insecure and he takes the opportunity to further increase the status gap between himself and the guy behind him.

8.  Has Options

     He always puts himself in positions that maximize number of possibilities while at the same time always pursuing the best possibility in all things.

9.  Has Connections

     He knows key people in key places to facilitate and open doors. He can relate to the highest level people because he has similar views.

10. Knows how to subtly dictate interactions

      Rather than have interactions free flow in many directions, the alpha male knows how to steer it in directions that he wants.

11. Defines social value

      Creating trends gives the alpha male the ability to have the authority to exemplify what high status looks like. Everyone else in his world will find their social position in relation to that definition.

12. Understands the dynamics that happen between males

      He knows how to defuse other males in times of challenge and how to maintain or increase his position through influence.

13. Defines what is interesting in social interactions

      The topics of conversation are defined in relation to the interests of the alpha male which makes him the center of conversations.

14. Is on the path to being an Icon in his world

       He goes beyond being someone every guy values, to having an personality that gives people the sense that he is something big.

15. Is a social archetype that other males admire

      He is always what he wants to be and effortlessly has success in a way that makes other males want to be similar to him.

16. Highly developed and advanced self confidence

      While he has high levels of potency in his successes, his confidence is always at the next level which unlocks the doors to success other guys don't even know about.

17. Knows how to combine sexual confidence and preselection

      Alpha males make sex something that hot women talk in whispers about. They have the presence that builds desire.

18. Alpha males don't give a damn

      They have enough confidence to know that they will get what they want without focusing on the end result too much.

19. Alpha males have a dominant social savvy

      They know how to have authority in their social world.

20. Knows how to lead other males

      He knows how to lead the group by dealing with each male by their type. He does it in a way that they want to be led by him.

21. Have ultimate security in themselves

      They have complete conviction in all aspects of themselves and their decisions. They walk the path.

22. Alpha males interact with the opposite sex in the right way

      They give them security and warmth as well as fun and excitement.

23. Alpha males move through life at the pace they want

      Big rewards happen for guys who go for their goals at a rate faster than other guys.

24. Alpha males take care of their presentation

      They know how you appear is part of your status and increasing the degrees of impressiveness of grooming and appearance has rewards.

25. Alpha males know what they stand for

Thursday, August 6, 2015

What To Talk About With A Hot Woman

There are numerous aspects of talking to hot women that happen simultaneously. Because of their social savvy, a hot woman is very adept at conversation in various situations and contexts. When she is talking to someone with sexual potential, she is evaluating the conversation on many levels. In order for a guy to escalate verbally, he has to present himself in his talking as someone who has the attractive dimensions she is looking for. When done correctly, other parts of pickup communication will begin to work in synergy to create chemistry that elevates in proportion to the increasing attraction of the woman. A guy who is head of his world will naturally talk about topics that are attractive because topics come from confidence which comes from his social identity. So the key is to constantly calibrate the topics that come up to your social identity from position of confidence. Talking with a hot woman is fluid, dynamic, and adapts to your level at each moment. 

How To Get A Girlfriend

Love between a guy and a hot woman can come in many forms. When a guy begins a relationship, it begins a path for him that can change his life in many ways. The key to getting a relationship is to know that when you are with a girl in a way that you both complement each other, your social identity changes from being one suited for social expansion to one that centers itself around two groups of people, the ones in your life and her life. The rule of increasing social status still applies, but now you are part of a tandem that moves up together. Just like in pickup where the goal is to build attraction, the goal in relationships is to add to the connection that builds as a result of having done things together in various situations where there was a positive vibe. The key then is to be the type of guy who can be adept at increasing social status while being with one or sometimes two hot women at the same time. 

Day Game

The best way to view daygame is to see how famous people are when they're not at exclusive events. Most of the time, they are casually dressed and almost seem like everyday people. What they are doing is toning it down so they don't attract attention. They want to relax while they do their errands and when they're with the people they know. Yet, if someone came along who has value for them in their high status life, they would be open to it. Hot women in the daytime are very similar. They are taking time to relax from their social and dating lives, but are open to meeting the right guy who presents himself in the right way. Its the ability to relax in the world like she is, that communicates you're on her level and you live in a similar world as her. Its important to know, the relaxation of hot women during the day puts them in a sexually receptive way of being. They are horny, but in a relaxed and chill way. The key for you then is to be sexually aggressive, but in a socially acceptable and chill way. At the same time your vibe should be calibrated for various factors including her comfort level and her social status. Closing comes down to being on her sexual wavelength and gradually escalating in a relaxed and discrete way. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

How To Pick Up Girls in College

College game begins the first time you set foot on campus. Its best to go all in whenever you decide to have success. College is a time for fun and memories, but that's secondary to the real goal which is to be who you want to be, doing things when and how you want, and being the top guy of your campus. Its important to know, while college is social, its best not to be too much of a wild party guy or too much of a player. The best time comes from being in the middle of the two because that is what will put you in the driver's seat and give you the most options. The good thing about college is your social life happens all the time, even when your in class. Find the social influential people and befriend them by showing them you are socially self standing and have connections of your own. The key is to be a popular guy who is also a sexual threat. Sexual tension in college is about knowing how to be confident with hot girls in a way that varies from when you're partying and being aggressive in a way that's socially acceptable and attractive to the girl. 

Buying Drinks

Bars are advanced social environments. While it seems that the people there are just laid back, there is a lot going on. There are rules of etiquette and social calibration rules that set the tone of how the particular night will go. Its important to know bars are all inclusive. The doorman have more than one function of simply checking people's age and monitoring. They architect the night, by bringing in people who contribute to the social quality of the night which over many nights adds to the vision for the bar set by the owners. Buying drinks is a social mechanism that adds to your social status. There is a proper sequence of value build up and communication that happens over the course of the night. The best time to buy drinks is when your escalation is moving too fast in a way that could affect her social status. To ease the speed to a more comfortable level, buying her a drink can be a social etiquette move that can smoothly allow her to save face while still moving the pickup forward. 

Body Language

A guy's body language works in synergy with the environment which he dictates by having a social view that is better than the guys around him. Body language is how he can dictate the dynamics of groups he is the leader of. There are numerous dimensions of body language use, and a guy who is adept in all of them has a social position that would be difficult to challenge. As a guy moves up socially, there are pre established levels of alpha body language that become unlocked for him. When this happens, hot womens' responses go to the next stage from curious to evaluating potential. If the guy can combine various aspects of high level body language in a strategic way that increases his confidence and social position, he can build his social identity to be one that can hold its own in higher leagues. 

Reasons Women Look Beyond Good Looks

Value comes in many forms for guys. Looks are one of many types of value that can have a impact on a hot woman. There are guys who have good looks and know how to project it in a way that's attractive to women. There are other guys who present other forms of value that can be more attractive than looks because women go through a range of attraction depending on how various aspects of the guy comes across as he goes through his life. A guy who has a personality that based on his interaction with the world, is more socially accepted and creates more chemistry will have an advantage because a personality with a foundation of confidence has more possibility of attracting other women because its only when looks are congruent with a high social position they matter. High social position for a guy is determined by his resourcefulness to achieve social goals, something that requires personality and not looks alone. This is important to women because women want the novelty of going to the next level with a guy, both socially and sexually.  A good looking guy can't take her there with only looks because it is only a minor complement to the overall package of the guy. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How To Be The Prize

Hot women have multiple selves they display in various situations to various guys. Many of these are in degrees in relation to the confidence and social status of the guy, among other things. One of these selves is the authentic self, but there are numerous variations of this one self. For the guy who is adept at sexual communication, her authenticity would be communicated by the way she moves and the way she says things. For the guy who has dominance over his world by his personality, her authenticity would be communicated by her emphasis on integrity and other endearing qualities. Depending on which self she is presenting will determine a set of rules that put any pickup attempt into a certain context. These rules define the actions a guy can take that will result in a positive outcome. Being the prize is one aspect of the communication of males who know how convey their value in a way that's attractive and confident. It is a pickup context where the value balance is one the side of the guy. Being the prize is just the tip of the iceberg. For a guy success changes a guy's confidence which changes his identity. The interaction between the identity of the guy and the self of the woman defines the context of the value exchange that occurs during the pickup. Being the prize sets the tone of the stages of the pickup such that the woman becomes the value giver. 

Monday, August 3, 2015

How to Work A Group

When people go out in groups, they have a bubble of energy where they are vibing and having a good time as a group. In order to join the group and have a good position in it, you not only have to communicate value, you also have to have relevancy in the context of that social environment. Once you have identified which woman in the group you want, you should subtly establish yourself as the head of the group by body language while at the same time befriending the members of the group. To do this, calibration for each member of the group is key. Knowing where each fits into the group can allow you to adjust your interacting to change the energy of the group to your choosing which will start the pickup process with the woman you want. 

Phone Game

When a hot woman gives her phone number to a guy, there is a social process that happens that will progress to a meetup if the guy knows what he is doing. The first stage of phone game is the weed out process. Its best to be laid back and casual while at the same time doing the same things that he did when he approached her but in the context of interacting on the phone. This means executing a mini pickup process with the end goal of meeting again. In order to do this, build up excitement and anticipation in a social way. 

Pickup and Locations

Locations are important in the pickup process. They add to the shared moment you and the woman are having. As you go through the process, various locations will require varying calibration to allow the pickup to go smoothly. The first time you meet a hot woman, its best to be in social and casual because flirtation develops when things are free flowing and there is no neediness from either side. The escalation, first verbal, should progress naturally until you can effortlessly move to the next date location. Here, the stakes get higher because you are distinguishing yourself from other guys, but you should be at ease because this is also the time to relate to her. The close location is where you should show your dominance in the right way while still building attraction. 

When Hot Women Don't Reciprocate

Hot women want physical escalation to happen without the guy telegraphing. They want it to be a moment that is shared, but this does not mean its necessarily shared in only a romantic context. It can be done from a position of physical attraction. The escalation should match the initial approach. Hot women don't reciprocate when the guy's identity, his status, his intention, and approach do not match. Physical escalation should be matched by an escalation in the guy's confidence.

When Hot Women Approach You

Hot women act differently around guys they are attracted to. There is a silent acknowledging she does when she is around a guy who could be an insider to the highest percentage of guys who have success. Rules that would apply to an average guy would change. Sometimes she will start the process by giving subtle signs that she is receptive. This could mean the woman knows what she wants, but it also could mean that she sees something is holding you back. Remember hot woman have keen social awareness. They can see the dynamics that happen when guys interact. When she approaches you, she sees that you are in a position to go to the next level and she can be a catalyst for that. 

Why Hot Women Change Their Mind

Hot women aren't necessarily always looking for a relationship. Sometimes they just want fun and a guy who can fulfill their needs. Its important to see that hot women can adapt their receptibility to various approaches by various guys. There are a lot of tracks that can be followed when interacting with a hot woman. Various tracks can get to various goals with ease depending on the confidence behind the execution of steps that it requires. Once you have figured out what you want, you should go forward with full confidence knowing that more options and possibilities will open up as the interaction progresses. Hot women don't want guys who try to do everything at once. There is a reason the pickup process exists. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Social Proof

Social proof is important to know because in most pickups, the social aspect comes before attraction. Hot women won't interact with guys who show they're thinking of sex first. Guys are expected to work the room to meet hot womens' attraction criteria of being someone with high status before she will be receptive to escalation. Remember hot women are ruthless in their rejection mechanism, having social proofs piques her interest and goes from there. Social proof means that other people in the social situation acknowledge that you are a higher tier of guy which means you are on a higher level socially. This is important because the social matrix is value based and social proof is one way guys can architect a social situation where they are the center.   

How To Get Party Girls


Party girls are high energy, fun,  and flirtatious. When you're at a party it seems like you can just go in and have the interaction escalate. This is possible only for the right guy. Its important to understand that while parties are fun, there are definite social dynamics that are going on. Most parties are hosted by the alpha males of social circles who have the party not only to have fun, but to increase their status and bring in new friendship and hot girl prospects that can get them what they want. Its important to know that varying social situations are part of varying social scenes. While they want alpha males, they want specific traits and actions that signify a particular alpha male understands her desires in the context of that scene. So when you are at a party, calibrate to the girl and work the room to have rapport with the established alpha males. Once she sees that you have this social acceptance, then she will be open to escalation.

7 Tips For Text Game Success

1. Show some subtle dominance in your texts. Let her feel protected and secure with you.

2. Subtly show you are a leader of men in your texts. Let her feel that you are the one of the top males.

3. Show her you have the attitude of a preselected alpha male. Let her see that other hot women would respond to your texts

4. Show her you talk like a high-status male. Let her see you are on her level or even higher.

5. Show her you would make her look good to her friends. Hot women look to other women to see how they should react to you.

6. Show her she would feel good about herself if she were with you. Hot women want to be able to earn a guy that society says is an elite male. Be that guy.

7. Show your social savvy. Most hot women are highly social, so they want guys who are dominant socially.

friend zone

The friend zone is a interesting dilemma for guys. Why would 
she want to be friends when you know attraction is possible? Hot women tend to value status more than attraction if they had to choose between the two. The guys who have the most success with hot women have high status and are the leaders of their own lives.
What this means is that being friend zoned is not the desire for the woman to have you as a friend, its a test to see how much you value yourself, your identity, and your social status. The best option is to amp up the things that make you a sexual threat including dominance and leading. If you do these things in the right way, in a way that first got her attracted to you, and a way that is in alignment with who you want to be, and in a way she is comfortable with, her attraction will increase because she put up some resistance and you still got her which make it easy to escalate because your confidence with her has been reestablished and now is at a much higher level.

Getting 9's and 10's

Gorgeous women are used to high level guys approaching them, so they know how very high status males act in the world. They want guys with developed confidence and social status that would be able to relate to her established position. This means that the level of interaction the guy has with the woman should be such that is goes beyond the fundamentals. There should be an ease with interacting with her that comes from the confidence of high levels of preselection. This means that all the ways of attracting other hot women need to be amplified and executed in a way that goes above her attraction threshold.

Lead Hot Women

Leading women that you want is more than just knowing where to go. Its knowing what turns her on and being confident with her in a way that leaves her wanting more and naturally escalates the interaction. She wants to be lead around all the places you are a leader in your world. She wants to be with you when you confidently show her your world. She wants you to lead the interaction to levels she has not reached. Leading shows her you have a good position in the world and have the guts to turn your visions for your life into reality and she is a part of that. 

Understanding things Hot Women want

Hot women are complex and can complement various types of guys in various ways. While they vary in certain respects, most of them are very successful in the world. They have the power of options which only a percentage of men possess. This power allows them to maximize their world and life in the way they want. They know the pathways in the social world and know which guys have the potential to hold their own in the various levels. Its important to know that hot woman can read guys very well. They can sense the hidden motivations of guys which is why rejection is no straightforward thing. You only approached her because you sensed it could work. She knows that and she rejected you because you haven't come into your own enough to see that basic approaching is not enough, there are other factors at play.  Enough guys have approached her that she has made distinctions of how various types of guys have success in the world. There is a certain barrier guys have to cross to be to have hot women know before you approach them that you know approaching is just a formality and those guys who are in the top percentage approach women with the knowing of their future goals and want to find hot women who complement them. Hot women want to align with and complement guys like this to move up in a world that demands the right kind of resourcefulness and social savvy.

Opening Hot Women

Hot women know within a few seconds if they will sleep with a guy. So when a guy opens, he is building on this initial decision. There are many approaches that can work with each woman and she is open to various types of guys having success with her. The key is knowing your method and executing it fully. When I say fully, I mean knowing that your method is the best of all the guys that are around her. The opening is on top of the confidence which she wants to experience fully. Women will know the type of success you have with other women by your approach and her responses to you will match that. The level of success you can have with a woman is largely determined by the quality of your approach. Its best to communicate your desires by calibrating your approach to both have success in the type of interaction you want and the preferences of the woman. 

Sealing the deal with Hot Women

Hot women love to be chased when they are in the mood. When they're out, they secretly hope a guy will aggressively seduce them in the right way. Many guys are foreward with girls, but she wants the guy who does it in a way that other girls will go for it too. Remember, its not just about attraction, there are many factors that go into a successful pickup. She knows that a guy who takes her in the right way has social potential. She wants to be with a guy who will take her to the next level socially. Going after what you want takes guts but there are definite rewards. When women see guys who are like this, its a game changer, everything changes. 

How to Conversate with Hot Women

Conversation is where friends get separated from lovers with hot women. When women talk with their male friends, its just words which means there is no potential for anything beyond meaningless small talk. The guys who sleep with hot women know that the content of the conversation is just the surface. 

Conversations are where you and the woman can get
on the same wavelength and vibe in a way that builds up things like anticipation, excitement, and sexual tension. Every word and phrase has deeper meaning that builds the desire for both you and her to sleep with each other. She can see what kind of guy you are based on how you conversate. Remember, conversation with hot women you want to sleep with is not conversation with a friend. Build up the sexual tension by figuring out her preferences in a guy with your flirting, but without thinking about sex as a goal. This is important because it creates the space for interaction to build. She wants to see how deep you can go with your conversation while still having confidence. 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

When Hot Women Test

Hot women test in many ways. The beginning tests are simple: she wants to see how dominant and confident you are. Once you pass those tests, there are more. The reason hot women test is because, they are not judging a guy based on looks alone, but are actually testing him on how he interacts with the world and his place in it. A guy who people respect and can hold his own in the battle for position will pass some tests and get attraction, but more importantly will open the door to higher level tests which will open up possibilities that will change him, her, his world, and even his life in many ways. Tests are like weeding out for guys that can't hold their own when the stakes get higher, and they will, because remember, if you are not escalating with a woman on a constant basis, the attraction will decrease. Passing these higher level tests will bring more and more rewards from women that are not just limited to things an awesome girlfriend would do. 

7 Ways to Attract Hot Women

1. Be direct when approaching

Hot women find a man who knows what he wants and goes after it very sexy as such a man conveys many positive things to women including dominance, confidence, and sexual confidence. You don't want to come on too strong, but being firm in your decision to seduce her will go a long way towards keeping you out of the friend's zone. 

2. Communicate with your body language

Women pick up on messages conveyed by your body language very well. Try using your body language to communicate to her that you are confident you are the man for her and can please her sexually. You can also subtly show in your body language that you can protect her and you have social confidence. 

3. Occasionally let her see the real you

While being cool and confident turns her on, women also want depth. You can convey this by giving her glimpses into the real you. Authenticity is powerful with women and  distinguishes you from all the guys that are hitting on them. 

4. Show her you can socially dominate when you want to

Most hot women are social and want guys who are on their level or higher. Social confidence means taking the initiative in social situations and knowing how to interact in such a way that maintains or increases your social status. It also means being a leader of men in social situations and knowing how to socially vibe. 

5. Connect with her 

Hot women want guys who they feel a bond to. Many problems with last minute resistance and flaking happen when the guy did not create a meaningful connection.  Let connections build from rapport and let them develop naturally.

6. Convey that you have sexual confidence

There are many things you can do that will communicate to her that you will be good in bed. Light touching when you are building attraction and using your vocal tonality the right way are two of many ways to convey sexual confidence. 

7. Be a little mysterious 

Hot women are approached many times and most guys do the same thing to get them and it quickly gets them into the reject category. Hot women want guys who are compelling, who help them break out of their mundane lives. They want someone with depth. Not being overly eager and letting her work a little to get you conveys that you are not the average guy.

The First Step

To be the alpha male today means having a variety of strategies to be the leader of your world. Hot women want guys who are authorities in their own world. This is not as simple as it sounds. Its not enough to have a social circle while occasionally getting a hot girlfriend here and there because there is a whole world you are missing out on. There is more possibility than you think and your wildest dreams aren't dreams, they can be made into reality with better understanding and knowing what to do. The first step is to know what your goals are. Once you know exactly what you want, then you can set out on that path. One important trait of alpha males is they always know where they are going and have a plan to get there and even have multiple backup plans. Building your world starts with having a good foundation. Once you establish yourself as a force to be reckoned with, thats when it all starts because most guys don't even have the confidence that its possible for them. So the first step is knowing what you want and having the confidence to know its definitely possible for you. 

Welcome to Alpha Male Review! My goal with this blog is to help you see the matrix and build your dream life. Lets get started...