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Thursday, August 6, 2015

How To Get A Girlfriend

Love between a guy and a hot woman can come in many forms. When a guy begins a relationship, it begins a path for him that can change his life in many ways. The key to getting a relationship is to know that when you are with a girl in a way that you both complement each other, your social identity changes from being one suited for social expansion to one that centers itself around two groups of people, the ones in your life and her life. The rule of increasing social status still applies, but now you are part of a tandem that moves up together. Just like in pickup where the goal is to build attraction, the goal in relationships is to add to the connection that builds as a result of having done things together in various situations where there was a positive vibe. The key then is to be the type of guy who can be adept at increasing social status while being with one or sometimes two hot women at the same time. 

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