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Friday, August 7, 2015

25 Traits Of An Alpha Male

Alpha males have multiple purposes. With being an alpha male comes the influence to change things. The degree to which he can architect his life to get what he wants depends on these thirty things:

1.  Leader of his world

     He creates a life where his environment reacts to him. This means being the social hub and having multiple levels of social connections look to him to provide the most desired value.

2.  Having developed skills to address wants in his life

     There is a hierarchy of talent for any specific area where an alpha male can have success. He identifies where he wants to be the best and sets out to do that.

3.  Has confidence in proportion to where he wants to go

     Its not enough to have some confidence. Playing in the highest leagues demand confidence that achieves goals with momentum.

4.   Is a winner

     He knows there is a difference between being the best and second best and has the confidence to excel in competitions.

5.   Knows how to leverage group dynamics

     There are many aspects to being the head of the group. The alpha male knows how to manage the possibilities of leading multiple people with ease.

6.   Adept at decision making

      He has the confidence to know the outcome of decisions before he makes them because they are an afterthought of a well executed life plan.

7.   Knows how to stay on top despite competitors

      When challenged he knows they are insecure and he takes the opportunity to further increase the status gap between himself and the guy behind him.

8.  Has Options

     He always puts himself in positions that maximize number of possibilities while at the same time always pursuing the best possibility in all things.

9.  Has Connections

     He knows key people in key places to facilitate and open doors. He can relate to the highest level people because he has similar views.

10. Knows how to subtly dictate interactions

      Rather than have interactions free flow in many directions, the alpha male knows how to steer it in directions that he wants.

11. Defines social value

      Creating trends gives the alpha male the ability to have the authority to exemplify what high status looks like. Everyone else in his world will find their social position in relation to that definition.

12. Understands the dynamics that happen between males

      He knows how to defuse other males in times of challenge and how to maintain or increase his position through influence.

13. Defines what is interesting in social interactions

      The topics of conversation are defined in relation to the interests of the alpha male which makes him the center of conversations.

14. Is on the path to being an Icon in his world

       He goes beyond being someone every guy values, to having an personality that gives people the sense that he is something big.

15. Is a social archetype that other males admire

      He is always what he wants to be and effortlessly has success in a way that makes other males want to be similar to him.

16. Highly developed and advanced self confidence

      While he has high levels of potency in his successes, his confidence is always at the next level which unlocks the doors to success other guys don't even know about.

17. Knows how to combine sexual confidence and preselection

      Alpha males make sex something that hot women talk in whispers about. They have the presence that builds desire.

18. Alpha males don't give a damn

      They have enough confidence to know that they will get what they want without focusing on the end result too much.

19. Alpha males have a dominant social savvy

      They know how to have authority in their social world.

20. Knows how to lead other males

      He knows how to lead the group by dealing with each male by their type. He does it in a way that they want to be led by him.

21. Have ultimate security in themselves

      They have complete conviction in all aspects of themselves and their decisions. They walk the path.

22. Alpha males interact with the opposite sex in the right way

      They give them security and warmth as well as fun and excitement.

23. Alpha males move through life at the pace they want

      Big rewards happen for guys who go for their goals at a rate faster than other guys.

24. Alpha males take care of their presentation

      They know how you appear is part of your status and increasing the degrees of impressiveness of grooming and appearance has rewards.

25. Alpha males know what they stand for

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