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Saturday, August 8, 2015


There are various tiers of dating just like there are various tiers to attraction. A date is not so much a formal event with an end result as it is an period of time where everything happens in the now. Things unfold as it does naturally without obligation from either person. It is a moment in time where there are no goals. This means the key to making it magical and memorable is to allow your instincts to make choices for you. In the beginning of the date, the memory bubble will form until your confidence in your adeptness at it will naturally begin to guide you 
to elevate the date to higher and higher levels. Once it reaches the highest level it can for that night, you should not expect a culmination like a kiss. Keep letting it unfold. What will happen is it will get deeper. As you let the moment from the first date unfold like this on future dates then they will move up to higher tiers.

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