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Thursday, August 6, 2015

What To Talk About With A Hot Woman

There are numerous aspects of talking to hot women that happen simultaneously. Because of their social savvy, a hot woman is very adept at conversation in various situations and contexts. When she is talking to someone with sexual potential, she is evaluating the conversation on many levels. In order for a guy to escalate verbally, he has to present himself in his talking as someone who has the attractive dimensions she is looking for. When done correctly, other parts of pickup communication will begin to work in synergy to create chemistry that elevates in proportion to the increasing attraction of the woman. A guy who is head of his world will naturally talk about topics that are attractive because topics come from confidence which comes from his social identity. So the key is to constantly calibrate the topics that come up to your social identity from position of confidence. Talking with a hot woman is fluid, dynamic, and adapts to your level at each moment. 

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