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Saturday, August 1, 2015

When Hot Women Test

Hot women test in many ways. The beginning tests are simple: she wants to see how dominant and confident you are. Once you pass those tests, there are more. The reason hot women test is because, they are not judging a guy based on looks alone, but are actually testing him on how he interacts with the world and his place in it. A guy who people respect and can hold his own in the battle for position will pass some tests and get attraction, but more importantly will open the door to higher level tests which will open up possibilities that will change him, her, his world, and even his life in many ways. Tests are like weeding out for guys that can't hold their own when the stakes get higher, and they will, because remember, if you are not escalating with a woman on a constant basis, the attraction will decrease. Passing these higher level tests will bring more and more rewards from women that are not just limited to things an awesome girlfriend would do. 

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