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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Signs She Is Interested

When a hot girl shows signs of interest, it is one of three tiers of pre-flirtation. Tier one is where she does not show many signs and you start the attraction. This has the most rewards. Tier two is where she shows some signs but is still waiting for you to start the attraction. This has medium level of rewards. Tier three is where she shows many signs. This has the least rewards. The highest attraction potential is when the guy goes through the entire pickup without needing too many of her signs because this would be consistent with an identity that has high levels of preselection.  If you are in tier one or tier two, reestablishing the lead in guiding the attraction, without thinking of the end goal, is key to getting back on the track with the most attraction rewards. 

Telegraphing Your Interest

Hot girls have social awareness that includes the various pickup methods that can be used on them. This means that the approach that will work best on her is the one that she does not have awareness of. When you use a pickup approach she has seen before, it won't work to the degree you want unless you add some new aspects to it. The approach is one factor she uses to separate guys. If you use the same approach as another guy, then she will categorize you as a guy on that level and the rewards will match that. To get the success you want, authenticity and novelty should be added to an an approach that she can't read. 

Why Hot Girls Bring Up Their Ex

Hot girls broke up with their ex for a reason. When she brings him up with you, it is not so much about him specifically, as it is a warning to you that she getting closer to looking elsewhere to get her needs fulfilled. Ex is synonymous with other guys. Depending on how she describes her ex will give you an idea of what she needs that she is not getting. Hot girls can get an idea of the point where you begin to fall for her and they know how to put the brakes on it. Bringing up the ex puts her in a position that gives her the option to move in the direction of new guys while at the same time giving you another chance. Most of the time, hot girls want new guys in their life to be better than her previous guys. When she discusses her ex, it is a warning to you that she has new needs. 

Escalating The Interaction

After you open the girl you want, there is a brief phase where she could take a stance that could throw you off. She may raise an objection. She may test you. The reason this happens is she has been through many approaches and has an initial ruthlessness to weed you out if you don't hook her interest in the right way. She wants high status approaches that will be beneficial to her. There are different ways you could go at this point, and in some instances she may guide you with signs. Its best to go the route where you define how and where the interaction will go. High status communication combined with discrete sexual communication will allow the interaction to move forward. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Why Hot Girls Flake

There is a certain communication that guys who are adept at sleeping with women possess. They know that when you are sexually involved with a hot girl, there is a charged atmosphere that surrounds everything you do with her. Sexual spontaneity is part of that and it does not build up through words. The way a hot girl communicates in her sexual life can have a magnitude that varies from her dating life. When she is on the phone, dating, and hanging out, she has mild attraction for the guy. Sex happens when she is compelled with no turning back. Guys who have charged interactions with her from the beginning by communicating through their attractive presence and sexual threat communication will bring out an instinct in her that she can be free to be wild.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

How To Get Your Ex Back

When you first approached your ex, within seconds, she knew what your model at attraction looked like. Hot women adapt to the approach of the guy which puts him on a specific track. Each track, that is attractive to hot women, has its own possibilities. These build upon one another as the relationship progresses until they form the foundation of the attraction you share with her. At this point, she will make a choice on whether she will continue or leave where she looks at what she wants. The beginnings of the breakup occurred when you began to try to force possibilities that are not part of the track you were on. If you want to get wild with her, it won't occur with a generic attraction approach because she reserves her wild side for guys who know how to bring it out of her from the start. The key to getting your ex is to first figure out what you what when you get back with her. She won't continue anything similar to the old relationship so what you want has to vary. Then, do all your interacting in that context. If she is still open to it, she will begin to have a new attraction which will start a new type of relationship. 

Your Appearance

You reveal yourself by what you wear. A guy who chooses clothes that have the impact he wants has awareness.  The style a guy takes on can be a factor in how people interact with him. Hot women can perceive what causes a guy to dress the way he does, and if he is not dressed like a winner, in the variation of his choosing, its a turn off because they know he hasn't reached higher levels of success where appearance is a prerequisite to interact with higher status people. Clothes are part of the image the guy has built. The image is one the factors of initial social judgement. When many things are based on status, a guy has to make it through the initial judgement to show he can be at the level of guys and girls with advanced social skills. When being around high level social people, there is value in having access and a guy's image is a part of that.