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Sunday, August 2, 2015

friend zone

The friend zone is a interesting dilemma for guys. Why would 
she want to be friends when you know attraction is possible? Hot women tend to value status more than attraction if they had to choose between the two. The guys who have the most success with hot women have high status and are the leaders of their own lives.
What this means is that being friend zoned is not the desire for the woman to have you as a friend, its a test to see how much you value yourself, your identity, and your social status. The best option is to amp up the things that make you a sexual threat including dominance and leading. If you do these things in the right way, in a way that first got her attracted to you, and a way that is in alignment with who you want to be, and in a way she is comfortable with, her attraction will increase because she put up some resistance and you still got her which make it easy to escalate because your confidence with her has been reestablished and now is at a much higher level.

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