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Sunday, August 2, 2015

7 Tips For Text Game Success

1. Show some subtle dominance in your texts. Let her feel protected and secure with you.

2. Subtly show you are a leader of men in your texts. Let her feel that you are the one of the top males.

3. Show her you have the attitude of a preselected alpha male. Let her see that other hot women would respond to your texts

4. Show her you talk like a high-status male. Let her see you are on her level or even higher.

5. Show her you would make her look good to her friends. Hot women look to other women to see how they should react to you.

6. Show her she would feel good about herself if she were with you. Hot women want to be able to earn a guy that society says is an elite male. Be that guy.

7. Show your social savvy. Most hot women are highly social, so they want guys who are dominant socially.

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