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Sunday, August 2, 2015

How to Conversate with Hot Women

Conversation is where friends get separated from lovers with hot women. When women talk with their male friends, its just words which means there is no potential for anything beyond meaningless small talk. The guys who sleep with hot women know that the content of the conversation is just the surface. 

Conversations are where you and the woman can get
on the same wavelength and vibe in a way that builds up things like anticipation, excitement, and sexual tension. Every word and phrase has deeper meaning that builds the desire for both you and her to sleep with each other. She can see what kind of guy you are based on how you conversate. Remember, conversation with hot women you want to sleep with is not conversation with a friend. Build up the sexual tension by figuring out her preferences in a guy with your flirting, but without thinking about sex as a goal. This is important because it creates the space for interaction to build. She wants to see how deep you can go with your conversation while still having confidence. 

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