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Sunday, August 2, 2015

How To Get Party Girls


Party girls are high energy, fun,  and flirtatious. When you're at a party it seems like you can just go in and have the interaction escalate. This is possible only for the right guy. Its important to understand that while parties are fun, there are definite social dynamics that are going on. Most parties are hosted by the alpha males of social circles who have the party not only to have fun, but to increase their status and bring in new friendship and hot girl prospects that can get them what they want. Its important to know that varying social situations are part of varying social scenes. While they want alpha males, they want specific traits and actions that signify a particular alpha male understands her desires in the context of that scene. So when you are at a party, calibrate to the girl and work the room to have rapport with the established alpha males. Once she sees that you have this social acceptance, then she will be open to escalation.

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