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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Understanding things Hot Women want

Hot women are complex and can complement various types of guys in various ways. While they vary in certain respects, most of them are very successful in the world. They have the power of options which only a percentage of men possess. This power allows them to maximize their world and life in the way they want. They know the pathways in the social world and know which guys have the potential to hold their own in the various levels. Its important to know that hot woman can read guys very well. They can sense the hidden motivations of guys which is why rejection is no straightforward thing. You only approached her because you sensed it could work. She knows that and she rejected you because you haven't come into your own enough to see that basic approaching is not enough, there are other factors at play.  Enough guys have approached her that she has made distinctions of how various types of guys have success in the world. There is a certain barrier guys have to cross to be to have hot women know before you approach them that you know approaching is just a formality and those guys who are in the top percentage approach women with the knowing of their future goals and want to find hot women who complement them. Hot women want to align with and complement guys like this to move up in a world that demands the right kind of resourcefulness and social savvy.

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