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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Day Game

The best way to view daygame is to see how famous people are when they're not at exclusive events. Most of the time, they are casually dressed and almost seem like everyday people. What they are doing is toning it down so they don't attract attention. They want to relax while they do their errands and when they're with the people they know. Yet, if someone came along who has value for them in their high status life, they would be open to it. Hot women in the daytime are very similar. They are taking time to relax from their social and dating lives, but are open to meeting the right guy who presents himself in the right way. Its the ability to relax in the world like she is, that communicates you're on her level and you live in a similar world as her. Its important to know, the relaxation of hot women during the day puts them in a sexually receptive way of being. They are horny, but in a relaxed and chill way. The key for you then is to be sexually aggressive, but in a socially acceptable and chill way. At the same time your vibe should be calibrated for various factors including her comfort level and her social status. Closing comes down to being on her sexual wavelength and gradually escalating in a relaxed and discrete way. 

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