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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Reasons Women Look Beyond Good Looks

Value comes in many forms for guys. Looks are one of many types of value that can have a impact on a hot woman. There are guys who have good looks and know how to project it in a way that's attractive to women. There are other guys who present other forms of value that can be more attractive than looks because women go through a range of attraction depending on how various aspects of the guy comes across as he goes through his life. A guy who has a personality that based on his interaction with the world, is more socially accepted and creates more chemistry will have an advantage because a personality with a foundation of confidence has more possibility of attracting other women because its only when looks are congruent with a high social position they matter. High social position for a guy is determined by his resourcefulness to achieve social goals, something that requires personality and not looks alone. This is important to women because women want the novelty of going to the next level with a guy, both socially and sexually.  A good looking guy can't take her there with only looks because it is only a minor complement to the overall package of the guy. 

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